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Ground-Breaking Technology

The advantages of our integrated solutions

The Integrated Sensor Data Management System (ISDMS) consists of:


  1. Connect your sensors to the TranscodX™ device to autodetect the sensors’ type and ID
  2. Connect TranscodX™ to Sensaq’s TCAST tool to set up the data collection process by configuring the corresponding metadata including: location, number of variables collected, variables of interest, data collection frequency, and auto-programming the TranscodX™ device.

Done! Your device is ready for deployment.

ISDMS supports a variety of environmental sensors both indoors and outdoors, including, but not limited to:

  • water/air quality
  • weather
  • soil

Field networks can also be easily setup in this stage. The data collected and the captured metadata are transmitted wirelessly to the our cloud-based software framework by TranscodX™.

Sensaq’s ISDMS lets users easily manage, analyze, distribute and compare the sensor data collected. Our proprietary software for data management and dissemination includes:

  • TranscoNet: to create networks of transcoders and specify data sharing options.
  • DataVault: to access data annotated with corresponding metadata.
  • Datalytics: a suite of tools for data analysis and visualization.
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